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Lots of industry exhibits. Like our magazine, these are business events. Visitors won’t find any cooking gear or hot tubs. We want only exhibitors that help growers grow grapes or nuts!

Sponsorship opportunities are available to a few companies who want to make an extra big impression at the expos. Anyone who attends an expo witnesses the value of a sponsorship. Sign up soon so that we can start running your logo in all our promotions.

We have a loaded agenda of grape and nut industry and region specific topics that growers need to hear about to stay on the cutting edge of the grape or nut business.


PCA Credit
At each expo growers and PCAs get valuable continuing education credits to keep current with licensing requirements.

Great Food
You can always count on great food prepared by the Malcolm Media cooking crew. Breakfast, lunch and beverages are free to all attendees.

Growers! Lots and lots of growers. We’re talking hundreds at each event. Hundreds of different growers at each event. We do not promote the expos outside of the industry, so you won’t have some back yard gardener or hoards of teens keeping you from doing business.